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Cruise Lines

Taking a cruise along Maine’s coastline is a chance to experience our state’s natural beauty directly from the water. As a passenger on one of the nearly twenty different cruise lines that sail through the region, you’ll act as intermediary between endless open skies and deep, mysterious ocean currents. 

With cruises running from May through November, you can stop and explore the many harbors and parks along your path. Get dinner at a local eatery, shop the eclectic mix of boutiques that dot the cities, and plan a day hike while docked. Cruising in Maine has long been a popular autumn vacation—yet recently the state has seen a dramatic increase in coastal cruising programs and is home to regular visits from American Cruise Line and Blount Small Ship Adventures.  

A cruise through Maine’s rugged coastline offers unparalleled views and gives even the most loyal Maine enthusiast a new perspective on the state.

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