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Of all the seasons, fall in Maine is the most spectacular. Sure, the others seasons have their own unique flavor and dedicated following of enthusiasts. But for me, my love has always been for this unique time of year.

For some, fall marks an end to the playfulness and sunny times of summer; kids go back to school, the weather begins to cool, and pants and sweatshirts replace shorts and t-shirts. Many grieve that the carefree days of summer are gone and that soon Maine will be cold and blanketed in snow. Those that adopt this attitude miss the magical time that exists between the last pleasant day at the beach and that first rugged Maine snowstorm.

This change means frosty cool nights, when one can finally sleep soundly under heavy goose down blankets. Hot coffee tastes sweeter on cold mornings, and you might have to scrape frost off of your window before driving to your favorite outdoor destination.

Leaves change their colors and put on a show for locals and tourists alike – Maine fall foliage is a natural phenomenon unrivaled by any other. Hiking, backpacking and camping are more accessible without the summer crowds, and those willing will be treated to see vacationland in one of its finest forms.

Lowering day and night temperatures signal the perfect time for evening bonfires and freshly squeezed hot apple cider. The days are best spent pumpkin carving, apple picking and spending a few more moments fresh water fishing.

For the sportsman, fall means hunting season, as Maine offers a plethora of game species. Whether your passion is small or large game animals, Maine has everything from the diminutive woodcock to trophy size white-tailed deer and black bear.

As a passionate waterfowl hunter, there is no place I would rather be in October than in a duck blind. Those early mornings where your breath can be seen sleepily wrapping up and around your head and slowly dissipating in the first rays of morning sunshine are indescribable. If these moments can be shared with friends and family, they are only further enriched.

If you have never been to Maine, or if you have visited the state at a time other than fall, it is my hope that perhaps I can convince you to give it a try when the lines aren't quite so long, the air is a bit cooler, the colors more vibrant and the experience a tad bit sweeter.


Editor's Notes

With the right ingredients for a thriving and vibrant fall, Maine is consistently a top destination this time of the year. Its natural beauty is only enhanced by the changing colors. offers a valuable resource for everything autumn in Maine, reporting the leaf colors and highlighting places to visit.

Since leaf-peeping is a Maine specialty, there are many ways to capture this fleeting yet unique natural wonder. Get an exhilarating perspective on one of Maine's scenic byways, flights or coastal cruises and you will experience fall like never before. Maine Windjammers offer the unique experience of seeing the foliage from aboard historic sailing vessels. Many of them offer specific foliage tours. Take a train ride, a hot air balloon ride or use a mountain chairlift. Big Rock mountain ski area in Mars Hill, about 2 hours north of Bangor, offers foliage chairlift rides. It is also easy to find a private hike or walking tour that is no less stunning and breathtaking.

After a leisurely drive to view Maine's fall colors stop by a tasting room along the Maine Wine Trail.

Many Maine festivals and events celebrate fall. Some autumn festivals include Harvestfest, Great Maine Apple Day, Fryeburg Fair, the York Annual Harvest Fest and Ogunquit Festival all prove that staying outdoors is a lot of fun.

Fall is the best time for apple picking and there are many places to pick-your-own.  For a list of orchards, go to

Maine offers an ultimate hunting experience with great tours, outfitters and experienced guides that help to make your trip successful. With hunting lodges throughout the state, the Maine woods are famous for their wildlife. For a closer look, get your licenses and permits through the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  For more information visit our hunting page.

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