Antique car display at Owls Head Transportation Museum.

Antique car display at Owls Head Transportation Museum.

The Wright Brothers first flight plane.

The Wright Brothers first flight plane.

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Transportation Museums

Creative transportation options abound in Maine. Planes, trains and automobiles, definitely, but also steamers, ships, trolleys, snowmobiles, canoes, ATVs, carriages, engines, bicycles, kayaks and more. If it has wheels, a hull, wings or rails we have a museum devoted to its historical significance. Early explorers accessed inland Maine by following its waterways via hand carved canoes and bateaus, and those same waterways were later used to transport cargo arriving at the state’s seaport inland, timber from woods to mills, and manufactured goods to the coast.

We’re proud of our cultural heritage and the innovative role that transportation has played in our state’s history, and relish the opportunity to show it off. Many of our transportation museums feature experiential learning, where visitors can ride in restored trains along narrow gauge railways, cruise waterways on historic vessels, watch death-defying air shows and learn how to operate a trolley.

Maine’s automobile museums exhibit impressive collections of rare automobiles, some masterfully restored, others in original condition. Their collections honor native Maine inventors as well as noteworthy private collections.

When exploring all things Maine, don’t miss out on our informative and exciting transportation history.

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