The fresco interior of South Solon House.

The fresco interior of South Solon House.

The exterior of South Solon House.

The exterior of South Solon House.

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Maine Meets Michelangelo

For years there have been reports that the spirit of Michelangelo inhabits certain parts of Central Maine. Turns out it’s true – at least in one place. It’s the historic South Solon Meeting House. Built in 1842 in the Gothic Revival style, the meeting house features its original podium, pews, choir loft, windows and steeple. In the 1950s, members of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture led a cooperative effort to restore the site.

Skowhegan held a competition among its artists to submit mural designs to be painted on the landmark’s walls and ceiling. Today those magnificent frescoes, painted with the same technique as those of the Italian Renaissance – and in the spirit of Michelangelo – are here for all to see.

Watch the video for a tour of the South Solon Meeting House, led by Rockland painter and Skowhegan Fellow, Connie Hayes.

Explore more of Maine’s art scene here or explore the Art Museum Trail – a collection of eight museums spanning 200 scenic miles of the state. Visit Maine Arts Commission for more information.

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