Part Time Vagabond Adventures |

Part Time Vagabond Adventures |

Chasing The Light Landscape Photography Workshop

Chasing The Light Landscape Photography Workshop

Chris Cavallari & Charlie Widdis

Charlie Widdis

Chris Cavallari

Chris Cavallari

Chris Cavallari

Meg Sobolic

Charlie Widdis

Chris Cavallari

Part Time Vagabond Adventures Brunswick Photo Walk

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Part Time Vagabond Adventures

Explore the world through the lens of your camera!

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a salty veteran, Part Time Vagabond Adventures has a photo tour tailored to you. Guests on our trips are Explorers, and our tours are Expeditions, Adventures, and Workshops. Each trip is tailored to meet your needs as a photographer who wants to see the world and learn more about photography and travel.

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Click here for a list of our current Photo Expeditions, Adventures, and Workshops


To provide an extraordinary travel experience to photographers of all abilities while promoting a philosophy of environmental conservation and cultural preservation. Our company goal is to provide a deep and fulfilling understanding of the places we visit through the visual documentation of photography.

Where We Go and What We Do

With Part Time Vagabond Adventures, you can take a canoe trip down the Allagash River in Northern Maine, explore the nooks and crannies of Paris streets, or get up close to a majestic elephant in the Okavango Delta. Closer to home, you can join in a half day or day long workshop to improve your photography skills before heading out into the wide world. Our professional Photography Guides are there to give you insight about technique and artistry, while providing you with a once in a lifetime travel experience. Ask them all your burning questions…they’re happy to answer.


First and foremost, we are explorers of the world. We are passionate about exploring new places, completely unlike our own homes, because the experience excites us, motivates us, and inspires us. We thrive on adventure and experience.


We see the world through a different lens than everyone else. The ability to show others the world through our unique perspectives becomes an important tool in educating and inspiring others. We celebrate the different and the beautiful, however we may see it. As explorers and photographers, we become better people.


We do more than take snapshots of a place. We delve deep to find its story; we reveal the characters who make a place unique; we follow the paths that nature and culture put in front of us; and we share what we find with the world. As storytellers, we become both teacher and student.


Without a healthy environment—both natural and cultural—humans cannot survive. As world explorers, we are the key to the vitality of both. As travelers who constantly take, it is our responsibility to also give back. We do this through a multitude of channels, including charitable giving, volunteering, storytelling, and more. We believe that we need to conserve so that there is something left for us and our children to return to in the future.


As travelers, photographers, storytellers, and conservationists, we become better citizens of the world, well-equipped to create and share art that impacts others. Our sense of adventure takes us to realms unknown; our sense of responsibility makes us better people.


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