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Photo Tour: Hours of Flowers


Hours of Flowers: Photographing Maine Gardens is an adventure that will lead you to some of the areas best garden spots, both public and private and may include; backyards, community gardens, hard to find nature centers, shade, herb, and rock gardens, professionally designed beds, native and heirloom plants, or themed gardens. Whether you are composing a singular flower, a whole flowerbed, or the entire garden, you will learn how to best utilize your camera equipment and expand your personal vision to create extraordinary images.


Photo ‘Lessons On Location’ will offer tips and techniques to guide you in creating interesting and unique images of flowers and nature. Concentrating on camera creativity, group discussions will include addressing sharpness, depth of field, focal length, and exposure. We will look at how color and quality of light can enhance the emotional interpretation of a photograph and how the direction of light controls shape, form and texture.

Individual review of your images will illustrate composition principals such as pattern, balance, rhythm, contrast, emphasis, and unity, and design elements such as point of view and framing.


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