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Pendulum Chakra Testing, Yoga & Meditation


Join this interactive class to take your chakra health higher. We will begin the evening with an interactive exercise, pairing up with a partner and pendulum. After a brief demo, each person will take a turn lying on their mat. Their partner will begin at the root chakra, hold the pendulum above the energy center, and wait for a response. An erratic swing of the pendulum, for example, can indicate a chakra is off-balance. No movement at all can mean that the center is blocked. Moving upwards, each chakra center will have a chance to be examined. A more in-depth guide will be given in our intimate yoga setting. With a bit more personal insight from this exercise, we’ll then move into a meditation and asana practice that you can move through with specific focus on what you learned about your own individual chakra centers.

This class will provide the tools for self-healing, potential breakthroughs, and lots of feel-good movement.

Lead By: Katie Johnson

Pre-Registration Required

Location: Yoga On York

250 York St

York, ME 03909

Friday April 13th 6-8 PM

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