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Night Skies from our Field of Stars

Night Skies from our Field of Stars

BYOT! Bring Your Own Telescope!

BYOT! Bring Your Own Telescope!

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Maine Astronomy Retreat (MARS)

7/28/19 - 8/3/19

Have you ever wanted it all - an ultra dark night that just begs you to stargaze, and a comfortable bed in a fully equipped cabin just steps away from your scope?

Now you can have it all.

Medomak Retreat Center in Washington, Maine, has some of the darkest skies in the Northeast, with a limiting visual magnitude of 6.3 (SQM value: 21.3 MPSAS). It's an IDA-compliant property that takes an active role in promoting the benefits of dark skies. Medomak's family camp has hosted an astronomy-themed vacation week for 11 years, and availability routinely sells out many months in advance.

This summer we'll host a star party more geared toward adults and interested adolescents. You'll be able to learn about astronomy and telescopes by day - and revel under our expansive dark skies at night. This fantastic and engaging program is led by J. Kelly Beatty (Sky & Telescope's senior contributing editor) and veteran stargazer, researcher and telescope maker Bruce Berger (Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston).

But don't just join us for the stars, the programs, and the lectures. (We'll even have telescopes, but bring yours too.) What makes this a "must-go" venue are the creature comforts. No need to bring a tent, or sleep in a sleeping bag, or eat so-so food. Medomak has comfortable, private cabin facilities with real beds, hot showers, electricity, and amazing, chef-prepared food. And it's all included in your tuition.

And for daytime entertainment? Medomak is located on a beautiful Maine lake that's perfect for swimming, paddling, fishing, or just relaxing. We have all kinds of gear for having fun in the water. You can play tennis, basketball, or enjoy a campfire as we wait for the skies to get dark. Again, all included in your tuition.

Mornings are free time, designed to let you have fun, explore the region, or just sleep in. Each afternoon will feature a series of presentations designed to teach you about astronomy, the night sky, telescopes, and how to view/photograph all those celestial wonders, also included in your tuition.

The Program
This gathering will provide activities for amateurs of all experience levels, from newbies looking to buy their first scope to seasoned deep-sky observers and astrophotographers. Here's a partial list of the presentations planned:

  • An Introduction to Light Pollution
  • Asteroid Occultations (Real Science with Your Telescope)
  • Best-Bet Sky Simulation Software and Apps
  • Building and Automating Your Dream Observatory
  • How to Choose the Best Telescope for YOU
  • Using your new telescope
  • Telescope Tune-ups
  • How to Collimate Your Reflecting Telescope
  • Kepler's Explosion of Exoplanets
  • Meteors, Meteorites, and Meteorwrongs
  • Mythology and Lore of the Night Sky
  • Mars in 3D (Latest News from the World Next Door)
  • Portraying the Night Sky (with award-winning artist Greg Mort)
  • Preparing for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
  • Sunlight Symphonies (Exploring the Daytime Sky)
  • The Amazing Hubble Space Telescope
  • The Problem with Pluto

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