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The Lady Eve


Follow the story of a card shark on an ocean liner who uses her hidden skills to her advantage.

Do you think the movement for women's equality in movies is a recent development? How about a movie that clearly - and charmingly, hilariously, and wittily - argues casually for her absolute SUPERIORITY in a Hollywood romantic comedy from 1941? THE LADY EVE is all that and more as the fantastic Barbara Stanwyck runs comic, erotic, and romantic circles around her handsome but befuddled paramour Henry Fonda in Preston Sturges' masterpiece. Stanyck plays Jean Harrington, a card shark on an ocean liner who plies her trade on the outclassed rich boy played by Fonda. Featuring one of the great closing lines in cinema history as well as everything else in its treasure trove. What a trove! Unrated. 94 Min.

Screened as part of the 2018-2019 Presence of the Past film series.

7:15 pm

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