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Exploration in Art: Woodworking & Canoeing


Exploration in Art is a day long program that provides you the opportunity to explore an area of interest in the art world. We will embark on our journey in the morning (either water or land-based). After 2-3 hours of exploring and inspiration we will stop for lunch, made from local organic ingredients. The following 2-3 hours will be spent working with an artist to create a product or to learn new techniques that will forward your creative knowledge. We will then return to our starting point where we will share our experiences over refreshments .  

Exploration in Art

The day begins with a canoe exploration in the wetlands of Unity Pond, followed by lunch made from local organic ingredients, the creation of a unique cutting board with artist Jim MacDonald, and a paddle back to our starting point with a champagne toast.

Learn woodworking skills both by watching and doing as we each create a beautiful and fully functional maple cutting board. Participants can take part in this workshop even if they have no experience in woodworking. Safety is considered first and foremost, and good results are guaranteed. We will start with a rough sawn plank of wood and finish with everyone taking home their own finished piece.


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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