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Adventures in Art: Lake Paddling, Hiking & Painting with Rachel Littlefield

8/1/18 - 8/4/18

Adventures in Art is a unique program provides that provides an opportunity for you to practice your chosen medium in the natural world. Programs will use the natural world to inspire, tinder and inform your creative energy. Through adventure you will be asked to work outside your comfort zone. Working with a professional artist will give you the opportunity to gain skill and insight into your chosen medium. Programs are designed for both beginners and experienced artists.

Spend four unforgettable days in the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine. Known for remote islands, and 4000’ mountains this is a perfect venue to challenge yourself physically, mentally and creatively. Immerse yourself in the awe inspiring scenery as you open yourself to your creative inspiration and physical challenges.

The first and most crucial step in embracing your inner artist is practicing your ability to see the beauty around us. Once your eyes are opened, there are opportunities for artistic expression everywhere! From mountains to lakes this adventure is sure to inspire and inform your creative self. With Rachel’s gentle guidance and instruction you will learn techniques for creating beautiful works of art.

We will meet in Unity at 8:00am on August 1st. We will return to Unity by 5:00pm on August 4th

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