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Adventures in Art: Hiking and writing with Stephanie Wade

10/12/18 - 10/14/18

North Star Adventures is excited to announce our signature program Adventures in Art. We partner with artists to create a unique experience in the backcountry where you can experience a one of a kind Maine adventure while immersing yourself in a creative endeavor. Programs will use the natural world to inspire, tinder and inform your creative energy. Through adventure you will be asked to work outside your comfort zone and transform that energy into art.  Programs are designed for both beginners and experienced artists.

Experience the Grand Canyon of the East as we explore the Gulf Hagas region of Maine. We will camp on the Pleasant River. After an evening around a bonfire and stargazing you will be rocked to sleep by the gentle rhythm of the river.

Once again we have the pleasure of working with Stephanie Wade as she joins our community to inspire and ignite our creative self. We will engage all our senses as we immerse ourselves in the natural environment. Autumn is a time of transformation both internally and in the outer world. With inspiration from the natural world you have the opportunity to engage in poetry or prose. 

4:00pm on Friday October 12th - 5:00pm on Sunday October 14th

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