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Terry L Johannemann

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Stay 2 nights & enjoy the beauty of an island lake or pond, deep in the northern mountains, carved by ancient glaciers. Beautiful islands with towering evergreens and hardwoods surround you in a canoe or kayak. As we island hop, listen and feel the warm breezes. Beautiful aquatic birds called northern _l_oons inhabit these areas, as you hear their haunting cries echo through the mountains. Keep your eyes peeled and camera ready for bald eagle or hawk sightings. Lovely mountain wildflowers such as rhodora dot the land. On our journey, we can pick a scenic island location for lunch. We’ll take time to hike and explore. Canoes and kayaks are already there and included for you. This makes a great fall foliage trip! Prices starting at $698 for a party of 2. ($50 for each extra guest staying in same accommodation)

_**Check Availability or Make a Reservation

~2 night stay

~Breakfast included each morning at private table

~All transportation included

~Lunch included (advise us of any dietary restrictions)

Restrictions and Terms of Use

Minimum of 2 night consecutive stay. Subject to availability.

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